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January 2017


    60’s Flower Power

    Yes! The title cos I’m a flower child with a rock and roll heart! Anyone ever wondered what their favorite fashion decade is? I’m not too sure what my favorite fashion decade is, but I kinda think in the 60’s fashion was pretty bomb. Also not sure what was better between music and fashion, but it was a sort of a little revolution; the folk were big on music and the clothes were amazing but not too exaggerated. I like…

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  • Fashion

    On that ‘NewNew’ High

    Hello Everyone! Let me introduce this new, black, cross body bag to the family! We all get excited over new additions to our closets, especially when they make a loud statement!…

  • Lifestyle

    Will you Marry Me?

    Hello everyone! I must admit I had lots of fun reading through your questions. I promised to answer every single one, so here goes. Will you marry me? Shucks, see, this…