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February 2017


    Fashion High Tea

    Ladies and Gentlemen, Allow me to introduce the best highlight yet of 2017. This years Fashion High Tea was my very first to attend and I had spent weeks on end trying to figure out what to wear and who to take. I must say I am humbled and pleased that y’all loved my outfit! It was an ensemble of a rose pink, satin dress which I had custom made. Lately, I’ve been loving velvet and satin fabrics and you…

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  • Lifestyle

    St. Valentine

    ‌Happy Valentines Beautiful people, Quick fact, I am not single! Every single man drops dead. I joke I joke, I am in a long term relationship with fun and freedom. You…

  • Food

    For the Love of Food

    Usually when people ask me which is more important, love or food, I don’t answer because… uhhhm… dah I’m eating! Hello beautiful people and yes, the day of love 💕 is…

  • Events

    Eat. Sleep. Repeat

    I’m sure you’ll all agree that it’s fun to get together and have something good to eat at least once a day. Eat Out Kenya made that possible this past 11…