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August 2017


    A T T I T U D E

    Hello everyone, I’m on a feel good high! Why attitude? Because I want to come out strong to say that “beautiful” or “gorgeous” or “sexy” is not in the way we look. It’s in the way we feel. Beauty is an attitude! It’s unfortunate that young girls think that because they don’t look a certain way, they therefore don’t qualify to being beautiful. Remember, it’s an A T T I T U D E.(Mighty introduction, don’t you think?) Food. Water.…

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  • Fashion

    New Hurr who Dis?

    Hello everyone, How you doing? *insert Wendy William’s voice* Yass darling, yass. Hehe well, unlike most days where I feel like I woke up on the wrong side of my life,…

  • Food

    Beach Please!

    Hello Everyone, As promised, I am now writing a follow up post on my trip (jeez so long ago) to the coast. Nyali was all levels of fun. Happiness truly comes…