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September 2017



    If I’m going to be a mess, I might as well be a hot mess. – P&L Hey there hot-tea, I am so delighted and more so thankful for all the love you have been showing me on here! I hope I inspire you to be the best version of yourself- Remember when you rest, you rust! Love & Light. On today’s style feature, we have a comeback! #yay… So, this hot number debuted at the Fashion High Tea early this…

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  • Food


    We lunched and dined in fancy restaurants. – A food story. I could write about food all day, I love good food. What beats good food? Good food in an amazing…

  • Fashion

    Short Pants & Clap Backs

    Hello Everyone!! I hope you’ve all been doing amazing! Well, we’ve all been living and I sure have been learning; people, habits, self MUA skills and color! Lol. I don’t own…