We lunched and dined in fancy restaurants. – A food story.

I could write about food all day, I love good food. What beats good food? Good food in an amazing space! Ambient restaurants give me life! I could also write about the weather, but I’d rather write about food. I mean my favorite ‘F’ word is ‘FOOD’ and right next comes ‘FRIDAY’… #TGIF 

Here’s a sneak peak of the restaurant at PARKINN by Radisson, Nairobi. I have been to ‘The Attic” – the restaurant that sits at the rooftop and boasts some scenic views of the city; this time round, I sat at the main restaurant for lunch, best friend in tow. LOL. 

My expectations were met. If you’ve been to Radisson Blu, then you know to expect the most. The ambience was vibrant- colour everywhere! We chose to sit outside. Felt like we would find our ‘zen’ there. I was sold.

It was a perfect afternoon for a salad (I’m watching my diet – when your mom says you move like a pendulum, you watch your diet, automatically). I had pasta, only because the last time I was at the Hotel, I had a salad. Fair argument.

Leah had the same, as a matter of fact, it was her cravings we were settling. The ‘Tagliatelle pasta’ is worth a try. The portion was generous and it’s a treat on a fair budget. Usually, we’d pair our pasta with wine, but day drinking is impossible with our changing lifestyle. LOL. The mocktails still came through!

That’s a little preview of our lunching experience, I hope you fell in love as much as we did!

That said, I have been telling my food story through words and this particular story is special because, its a prelude to my channel where I will be telling my food story in motion! Find the video here!

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Location: PARKINN by Radisson




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    September 16, 2017 at 6:37 AM

    keep the vlogs coming, this could be a fave but too soon to make a pick 😂
    love you and the blog miss miss

    • Sheila
      September 16, 2017 at 12:15 PM

      Miss miss,
      This is going to be lit!