About me

About Pearls and Loaf

The voice and the face behind Pearls and Loaf. This is my blog where I get to share my opinions, my experiences, a platform to find new habits and most importantly, to share my personal style.

If you ask me, I think that everybody should be comfortable in their own skin. That, or a popping red lipstick. But really, style is about knowing who you are, what you are saying and not giving a damn! Because life is about creating yourself!

A snapshot into me… Well, I love to dress up, I love to read, I love to travel and I love to eat! Honestly, there’s no love sincerer than the love of food!

With Pearls and Loaf, I am putting something happy into the world and I am inviting you to journey with me… Find your happy place here.


All women may not be beautiful but every woman can look beautiful.