• Food


    Fact- a good restaurant always makes me giddy! I can go all day with anticipation just knowing where I’m going to eat. Last week, I had the pleasure of having lunch…

  • Fashion

    TOM . BOY

    The secret of great style is to feel good in what you wear. Comfort above all. Unfortunately, or fortunately, the Tomboy trend is one of the most popular ways to be…

  • Fashion

    Jenny from the Block

    Hello Everyone! Well, there’s been an outcry that I’ve neglected my style segment and I plead guilty. But here I am, trying to be the heroine of my own disaster. Oversized…

  • Food

    Menu Tasting

    Last week I had my hand in a taste of the good life courtesy of Eat Out Kenya and Chop House, a specialty restaurant at the Radisson Blu, Nairobi. I was…

  • Food

    Beautiful Escape

    Restaurants are a beautiful escape for me, and are for a lot of people I suppose. I am a connoisseur of restaurants (and maybe Everything); I like nice things. So, you…

  • Food


    At the end of the day we could always use the excuse that all those pizzas we ate were for medical purposes. Medicine for the soul…taste buds maybe? Heck, what is…

  • Events

    Fashion High Tea

    Ladies and Gentlemen, Allow me to introduce the best highlight yet of 2017. This years Fashion High Tea was my very first to attend and I had spent weeks on end…