Hello Everyone!

Its been a lovely, long and lazy weekend, something we have all looked forward to and embraced with a big “Hello Weekend!”

Say “I” if you threw bad decisions around like confetti… And the “I’s” have it. Zero judgement from my end. I am all about the fun times and positive vibes. Speaking of fun times, it was my BFF’s birthday last Tuesday and as you could possibly imagine, people were turnt through out the week, spilling into the weekend.

I still managed to put myself together for a polite Saturday lunch at the Sierra Burger and Wine. If you know me, you know I love Sierra burgers! I love the ambience. I love the crowd. And yes I LOVE the wine!

On Saturdays we slay. I mean we make it pop like pink champagne! The sunshine was appropriate for a cold shoulder top.

I wore this embroidered top, paired it with black tights and comfortable ballet flats. You can still slay in the most basic wardrobe options. Always dress well even if you have to keep it simple.

Remember when I mentioned the turn up spilt into the weekend? I wasn’t playing. I was bestowed upon the task of making sure the birthday girl made it on time for her surprise dinner. Uhm of course I’m hella smart so I asked Leah to come join me for a glass of wine. No, I lied, I did not have one glass of wine. I had six. It’s called ‘tasting’ and its classy! Insert hair flip.

I digress, so Leah shows up with the hottest challenge of ‘who wore it better’ hellloooooo, I feel defeated and cheated! This girl looked fine!


We did a couple of B52 shooters (sounded like military weapons) and I believe we were lit enough to get this party started.


Thank you everyone who dressed up and showed up to make it light up!



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