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Here’s the tea!

Hello Everyone!

The weekend is fast approaching and I am looking forward to spend it doing something fun; and tea isn’t a bad idea! I recently discovered Afternoon Tea at Fairmont the Norfolk. Their lush gardens make for the perfect tea time setting, on a sunny afternoon.

Today’s feature is all about the Do’s and Don’ts at tea time. Afternoon tea can seem intimidating since it appears so proper but once you know basic tea etiquette, it’s actually a very relaxed, delightful affair. Are you dunking your scones into your tea? Gasp! Enjoy your tea time by following these simple afternoon tea etiquette rules.

Dress Appropriately

If you are having afternoon tea, especially offered at upscale and high end hotels, the dress code is usually smart casual. You don’t have to show up decked out in party dress but stay away from jeans and sneakers. You should look neat and put together. Simplicity carried to an extreme becomes elegance. This is what I wore to tea.

Pinkies Up or Down?

The answer to this is, DOWN. The proper way to hold a teacup is to hold the handle with the pinkie finger down, never up.

Do everything Gently

Yup, doing everything quietly is a common etiquette rule. Don’t make loud slurps when drinking your tea. Take small, quiet sips. Making noise with the teaspoon is frowned upon so make sure your spoon doesn’t clang and touch the sides of the teacup while stirring.

Savories First

Afternoon tea comes in three courses — usually all at once on a three-tiered tray. Eat the savories and tea sandwiches first. Scones with clotted cream and jam are eaten next, then finally the sweets.

Fin at 4:20

Putting any utensils you’ve used in the 4:20 position lets the server know you’re done with your meal and that it can be taken away. Fork tines should be up and knife blade facing you.

If you’d like to give afternoon tea a try, take it from me, It comes highly recommended on my list of activities to try. I’ve enjoyed putting this together, please let me know if this was helpful.


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  • C.Kamol

    This is very insightful and interesting to read.
    Definitely keeping my pinkie down next time!😌

    31 August 2023 at 2:08 PM

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